Augmented Reality Applications for Business

Discover the the 4th dimension of presenting using our Augmented Reality apps. Whether you’re interested in a stand-alone solution or incorporating augmented reality technology into an existing presentation, we’ve got you covered.

We’re among the leading developers of customized augmented reality solutions

Thanks to our early advances in programming individually customized AR-Applications, you’ll benefit from a partner that is always one step ahead. Through an interactive environment and the use of computer generated immersions, every presentation evolves into an unforgettable active experience. Our developer team is excited to work with you and to create a 3D experience for projects of any size. Cross-media projects, regardless of platform, aren’t a problem either.

  • Augmented Reality Apps / Touchscreen Apps for IOS, Android or web-based
  • Developing 3D Graphics and Dynamic Content
  • Realizing Interactive 3D Environments
  • Developing Dynamic 3D Configurations
  • Interface Design
  • Elegant Linking of the Newest Applications to your Classic Presentation
  • Providing Hardware for Fairs and Performances

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Presentations and audiences expectations have evolved drastically. Clients are more interested in complete experiences and want to be actively involved rather than passive listeners. Give your clients what they want. Awaken their curiosity and gain the advantage over your competitors. Progress has never been so easy!  Ask Us How

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